Friday, July 25, 2008

thousand dollar seed

i woke up at 2.30 this morning, i just couldnt sllep and put on the tv and mike murdock was on so i started watching him and god reminded me of the last time i watched him. it was approx 5 years ago and he said to sow a 1000 seed and if you didnt have it sow it in faith believing god would give it to you. i believe at that time i had about 20 cents to my name. gods word did say he gave seed to the sower. well i called in cause i just felt god was telling me too. well at the time laura had been in a small car accident a few months earlier, she wasnt hurt at all, praise god but she had a tiny scar on her forehead and the ins company contacted me. i was believing god for laura to get enough to insure and register this old car,. she had.. A couple days later the insurance company called me and said we would like to give laura 17,000, and pay off the medical bills. i was estatic. and laura gave me 2000 of it. there was my seed and 1000 more for me. laura ended up given my mom that car she had and she bought a classic twin turbo dodge stealth, and payed the registration and insurance. we were in negotiations for the second home i was believing god for. so me not being totally obedient sowed 500 and kept 500 for closing costs, well i was so convicted a couple days later i sent the other 500. the deal fell thru and we didnt get thta house but one year exactly we bought our second home and still own both to this day. praise god, i believe i delayed so god delayed but he was still faithful. and we bought both homes for way below market value. god is a big god. and dont want to ever delay in doing what i promised i would again. praise god.

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